The Admin page allows organization administrators to perform privileged functions. The Admin page is separated into multiple cards:

  • Users display and manage users.
  • Licensing display and manage license and subscription.


The Users card contains a list of all users. Set a user's role to one of the following:

User: Users can view the Dashboard and Explore pages but are not able to make changes.

Operator: Users can view all pages except for the Admin page and are able to make changes (create/update/delete).

Administrator: Administrators can view all pages and are able to make changes (create/update/delete) including changes to users and licensing.

Set a user's status to enabled or disabled. Disabled users will not be able to login to the application. All users created after the initial administrator account will be disabled until enabled by an administrator.

Clicking the trashcan icon will delete the selected user after prompting for confirmation.


The Licensing card displays the current license key as well as details related to the subscription and usage.

The following licensing actions can be performed:

  • Refresh: Forces the application to check and refresh license and subscription details.
  • Manage: Navigates to the payment processing self-service portal where you can manage payment details.